The Ministry of Nehemiah International had been and is faithfully serving the Eritrean persecuted Christians and their families since its official inception, March 21, 2007.
During its humble beginnings, the Atlanta  based nonprofit institution originated as small organization by taking the title, “Nehemiah Project.” Even though, over the years, it did not extend itself to be a large institution as sundry other nonprofit organizations that we know here in the US, which operate their missions with a budget that is substantial in its amount, and engage several more employees, yet within its limited resources, NIM bears the testimony of serving its brothers and sisters with consistent and commendable loyalty. NIM never had paid employees. To God’s everlasting glory, all current six board members are unpaid volunteers, who indefatigably give their time, wherewithal, service and intellect free of charge.
Nehemiah Ministry International does not purport in any way, shape or form to be immaculately perfect in its administrational operations or in a way it carries out its regular charitable work. However, with consistent financial integrity, praiseworthy probity and serene compassion NIM had made its presence felt when the crucial need of the persecuted arose. Therefore, its reputable mission carries a distinguished mark that brighten God’s eternal glory with conspicuous visibility.
When NIM’s services of the last 13 years are seriously taken into consideration, its several outreach services could be seen as “ministries” instead of narrowly holding the status of singularity. The exigent needs of fellow believers exacerbated by today’s economic turmoil makes the sacrosanct mission of Nehemiah Ministries International urgently more essential now than ever before. That is why Nehemiah Ministry International Eritrea (to be more specific) is looking for faithful donors, who are willing to make some veritable financial commitment with reliable sequences to assist their brothers and sisters at a time of their desperate needs. Will you prayerfully consider to be one of them today? Our current situation makes it timely germane to remember the Lord Jesus’ poignant words through the apostle Paul, “… It is more blessed to give than to receive” (Acts 20:35, emphasis added). To the the Lord Jesus Christ alone be perpetual majesty! Amen.
Nehemiah international Ministry
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