NIM Annual News Letter 2020

Dear Family,
When reflecting back on 2020, there is no doubt that, we remember the difficult times we faced as individuals and the challenges we faced as a nation and global community. But even more to remember was the opportunities the challenging year presented and the incredible faithfulness of God through it all.

We at Nehemiah International Ministry (NIM) have been so encouraged to see how God has worked through the generosity of friends and family like you to reach the persecuted and their families in Eritrea with the transformational love of Christ as an extension of the power of the Gospel. We want you to know that we are deeply grateful for your continued support in so many ways (prayers, generous financial donations and encouragements).

As a result of your fervent prayer and financial support during the year 2020, NIM along with its collaborators, disbursed approximately $58,000.00 to support the persecuted and their families, and over $9,000.00 to help Eritrean Churches. Moreover, 76 children were sponsored in the refugee camps in northern Ethiopia (60 in Shimelba and 17 in Shire) and supported 8 evangelists (6 refugees and 2 residents) ministering to the refugee in these camps through NIM-Canada.

Overall, during the year of 2020 NIM has received over $47,900.00 from Churches and collaborating institutions and over $28,000.00 from individual contribution. Additional income was generated from books and CDs sales which amounts to a total of $3,200.00 and plus. NIM would like to take this opportunity to thank all those who donated their products to support the ministry.

Through your faithfulness and generosity, so many families in dire need have praised God and you have fulfilled the command in Hebrews 13:3, by remembering those in prison as if you were together with them in prison, and those who are mistreated as if you yourselves were suffering.”

We are also glad to share with you that God has opened doors in the form of collaborations with different Eritrean-led Ministries in the US and Canada with similar focus as NIM. We view this progress as a very positive development, for it would create a convenient platform conducive for coming together to build relationship and trust. We believe that God will work mightily through these collaborations by effectively broadening our outreach ministry to the persecuted Church in Eritrea. In addition, the Lord has graciously provided extra hands willing to labor with us and Mr. Filmon Mesel and Mr. Hanibal Daniel have joined as board members this year – praise to the Almighty God!

As we begin this new year, we at NIM are extremely excited to see how God will work through all of us overcoming the challenges ahead of us. Because we know that God works everything together for good, we can approach 2021, as indeed we approach all the future, with hope and confidence. Therefore, we invite you to consider joining us in praying for the persecuted, not as an add-on but putting it as one of your priorities. Equally, it is our sincere believe that God will empower you to generously contribute your financial resources to support the Saints who are passing through countless challenges!  With your help we can do more, and you will certainly be rewarded by our loving God!

In Christ,
NIM Board

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